What does FSC Certified Paper mean?
fsc logoSC, Forest Stewardship Council, is the main mechanism for guaranteeing the origin of the wood or paper. It is an international certification system that ensures that the raw material used to make a product made of wood or paper comes from forests that meet strict environmental, social and economic standards. FSC, created in 1993, includes among its members environmental and social groups, indigenous communities, consumer associations, forest owners, technicians, certification bodies, primary processing industries and the processing and marketing of wood, working together to improve the worldwide forest management.

What is offset printing?
The offset is a printing method made with printing machines and based on plants preparation (aluminum plates), machine preparation (inkwells regulation and registration) and circulation. It can only be used by highly skilled staff (printers).

Is offset printing of quality?
Offset printing is a method traditionally used for decades with a very high quality result, thanks to increasingly sophisticated machines and the ability of the operators (printers) that need to have many years of experience.

On what surfaces can offset printing be printed?
The offset traditionally prints on flat paper (single sheet) or on paper reel (web offset, gravure, etc.) for very high print runs. So on materials particularly flexible (to adhere to the printing rollers). The use of off-set is suitable for making posters, flyers, brochures, catalogs, magazines etc.

The poster printing, how is it done: in offset or digital?
The posters are a case in point: for quantities above 100 copies, you can work in offset. Under this amount digital is preferred.

To print a poster or banner, is it okay to send a PDF file?
Yes it is.

At what dpi is best to provide it?
The ideal is 300 dpi, regardless of the size of the finished print.

Is it okay to send a JPG?
es, as long as it is CMYK in high quality. Surely the PDF format is the most suitable.

If I read printing 4 + 0 or 4 + 4, what does it mean?
This is the most synthetic definition of how many colors you are printing.
4 + 0 - means that the 4-color printing is only on one side (technically called 4 color front)
4 + 4 - means 4 colors on one side +4 on the other side (technically called 4 color front and reverse) .
For example, the posters are always 4 + 0.

What is the difference between the posters size 140x200 and 200x140?
The format of the printed typically always defines the basis for height so 140x200 is a vertical format, the 200x140 is a horizontal format.

If I have to print posters format 70x100 and 100x140, do I have to send two printing files?
If the print sizes are proportional only a single file is needed. The printer resizes the file before starting the printing process.

What is Mesh Network?
The Mesh Network is a microperforated banner that allows the outdoor exposure on large surfaces, avoiding the sailing effect.

What is a roll-up?
The roll-up is a display banner to blind, easily portable, comes with a bag. Very convenient: simply pull the printed media and is ready for the show.

What materials are recyclable?
Of course the paper, except that digitally printed with solvent-based inks; polyethylene, polypropylene. Pvc so far is not recyclable.

What is the lifetime for outdoor ink?
If printing is digital it can last even a few years; if printing is offset, there exist inks resistant to light, weathering, alkalis, for periods much longer than the normal programming of posting.

With such programs is best to prepare the printing file?
Photoshop, Indesign, Adobe Illustrator (then convert to pdf); Coreldraw and similar programs then converted to PDF. Avoid Word and video editing programs.

How do I send the printing file?
Via E-mail to file@tipografiapesando.com
via FTP (up to 2 Gb) www.wetransfer.com
To your own care.

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